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Kennel dei Monti del Keraton
Great Dane and Pug

of Carla Carletti
Jesi (AN)
Mobile: +39 329 0524769

My story started like that:… when I was fifteen I asked as a present the dog that won my heart and my mind while turning over the pages of a dogs magazine: it was THE GREAT DANE!
This passion grew up more and more and finally became concrete in 1994 when I purchased the first specimen giving birth to the Keraton amateur breeding.
My wish to participate in dog shows, to grade beautiful and sound dogs as much as possible close to the standard and the many titles won in a very short time, allowed me to achieve the placard “Dei Monti del Keraton” recognized by Enci and Fci in 1998.
My target is to grade and breed, for the breed’s sake, morphologically correct and typed dogs, with a balanced character and without any hereditary taint; this is the reason why my dogs are X-rayed for hips dysplasia even if this is not yet compulsory in Italy.
The many results I reached in these years at Italian and foreign dog shows, as well as the export of several dogs who became part of prestigious breeding farms in Europe and USA, make me believe that the route I am following is the right one.

Monti del Keraton breeding rises over a 10.000 square meters flat land in Jesi plain. The facility actually hosts Great Danes in the colors blue, black and harlequin coming from the best Italian and European genealogies,  fawn and black Pugs  coming from the best Italian breeders… and Labradors in the colors chocolate, black and yellow belonging to the prestigious Notonlyblack breeding, with whom we are co-operating in their litters and exhibition career management.

The Great Dane
The direct ancestors of the actual Great Dame were the “Bullenbeisser” and the big males used for hunting (especially wild boars). Dogs with an intermediate constitution and conformation between a massive English type mastiff and an agile and light greyhound.
At least at the beginning the name Dogge (Dane) was used to define all the most powerful dogs: the “Ulm Molossian”, the “English Molossian”, the “Hatzrude” (big male for hunting), the “Saupake” (wild boars dog) and the “Big Molossian”; different kind of dogs with diverse coat colors and diverse sizes. Then, in 1878, a committee composed by seven important breeders decided in Berlin to group all these different breeds under the name of Deutsche Dogge (Great Dane).
And two years later, always in Berlin, during an international dog show, the first Great Dane standard was prepared. The new breed of German origin started there, handed down until today, with some amendments, under the control of “Deutscher Dogge Club 1888 e v.”

The Pug
The pug is a mini mastiff with a constant mood, a tranquil character, very charming, elegant and clever.
Pugs are cheerful and affectionate, always searching a contact with their owner, whose life they fill up with their constant presence, but never being nosy.
Very lively and playful as a puppy, by growing up the pug easily conforms himself to his owner’s lifestyle. Pugs peacefully live together also with other pets and are never  quarrelsome; but not for that they draw back in front of bigger dogs.
Particularly reserved and guarded with strangers, their barking will be heard only in case of a suspicious noise.
It is a dog that lives very well in towns, namely at home, also if it needs a daily movement, being prone to obesity.
From a pug, as a small mastiff, we cannot expect a quick and prompt obedience, but, if educated since puppy, it will be able to accept the few and simple rules for a quiet life together.
The risk is to spoil them too much and not to be able to punish them, when needed, defenseless in front of their profound rounded eyes.
It is not a particularly anxious breed, therefore they will be able to wait alone at home their owner for some hours, without suffering.
Because of their mood and for their pleasantness, they may follow their owner everywhere and in any occasion.
It is also a very suitable breed for families with children, for which a pug will become an excellent playmate and a funny tricks companion.
The particular physical characters let immediately individuate a pug as a member of his breed, especially the wrinkly short-muzzled face with big round eyes as well as the curled tail, very sought-after with a double curly.
The color can be silver, apricot, fawn and black, always with an as much as possible black mask.

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